Birdsong Box
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Birdsong Box

Ambient bliss at the flick of a switch.

Switch on birdsong as easily as you turn on a light. Listening to birdsong has proven benefits to mood, mental health and relaxation. Lockdown has been challenging for us all if you can't get to nature bring some of the benefits to you.

These small wooden birdboxes are handmade in Scotland using sustainable wood. The schematics for the insides are open-source so you are free to upgrade or customise your birdhouse as you see fit.



Birdsong has been shown in several studies to aid mood and relaxation. Switch on the sound of a dawn chorus for relaxation, meditation, sleep, yoga or concentration while working.

Made from sustainable wood this little birdhouse is powered by USB and has an integrated power switch in the cable. Internally the audio is stored on a 2GB microSD card.

Powered by built in USB cable with integrated switch
20cm x 20cm x 20cm
2GB MicroSD Card
Recoding Length
Comes preloaded with Cheshire Dawn Chorus, a 176 min field recording.


Sustainable Wood

The birdhouses are hand-made in Scotland in short-runs, using wood from FSC certified forests. The components are put together by hand using lead-free solder.

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